Nothing sweet about me

Nothing sweet about me

Hair :Truth Lisette  @  Uber

Ears :^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears @ Fetish Fair

Lingerie :Blacklace :Niki:  Leather & Lace Set w/ Omega Hud  @ Fetish Fair

Stockholm&Lima:Ambrosia Living Set @Fameshed

4 Pieces are included.

Each Piece contains LOTS of textures- Access these while you are sitting!

Each Piece contains wholly different animations (cept for the solo seats in the palettes)

Each Palette Contains:

PG-7 Solo Sits (same in each palette)

6 Cuddles (different in each palette)



6 Adult Animations (different in each palette)

The blanket pile contains:


5 Solo Sits (not the same as the ones in the palettes)

5 Cuddles



2 Additional Adult Solo Poses

6 Adult Animations.

Total breakdown-

12 PG Solo animations

18 Cuddles

20 Adult Animations

Remember, PG sets are ONLY available during the event.


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