Natural diva

Natural diva

Hair : Elua : Filia
Mesh head : Genesis Lab :Sofia  Rare
FetchxVeechi – #1 Wisp Eyelash Kit [catwa] RARE
FetchxVeechi – Makeup Clutter RARE
 Guepiere .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva Rare
Bra .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Thong .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Brushes Bag .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Cotton Swabs .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Colors Palette .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Blending Sponges .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Nail Care .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Visage Care .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva 
Cotton Balls Vase .::Dead Dollz::. Natural Diva
Ring :Meva Bento Maitreya Ring Left Middlefinger Silver
Backdrop ” SEUL – Vanity Room
@The Epiphany  Gacha
Chair :Raindale ~ Landfort tabouret @ Pose Fair
Necklace :[Avenge] Life Circle
Earings :[Avenge] Life Circle  @Black Fair 2017

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